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About Orchid

My son Paul and I, moved to Laurel in 1996, because I have parents and a brother and his family is here. I had helped a missionary family in Germany, and I married a German so Paul was raised in Germany according to the German system, his main schooling was done and he would have been learning a trade. We bought the orchid drycleaners and started on the 2nd of January 1997. Paul learned the trade of dry cleaning. We have been through the years updating and adding equipment trying to offer reasonable an honest and timely service. Paul is also involved in the Laurel Lyon’s Club (current president) and in the Laurel Rotary Club and at church, serving in the children’s ministry and other functions. In 2010, we both received our 3rd grade boiler licenses. I am originally from the states, and we are quality oriented.

 My understanding is that our current building was built/finished in 1948 for another purpose and became a dry cleaners in 1948, and now in 2016 still in the same location, same name, still a dry cleaners, only now one also has laundry/wet cleaning due to shift in clothing and to better fulfill people’s needed, not just dry cleaning. We had the privilege that soon after starting, one of the previous owners showed up and offered help and much appreciated advice.  

We look forward to serving you, and to providing you with quality service and fair prices.


Tamsen Kober




Dry Clean




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